Companies are demanding more from their solution developers and integrators. We deliver bespoke solutions, our custom solutions have a robust infrastructure, sustainable and have a strong business case behind them.

Recently, we worked on a project that helps streamline permit issuance for companies doing business in the Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria. The system handles the permit issuance value chain end-to-end without humans having to manually sign. Funds paid online or through the banks are switched real-time to the Treasury Single Account (TSA). This mobile and web solution was integrated on a real time basis for an oil and gas regulator.

We offer Professional Software Solutions

We are renowned for our expertise in enterprise system design and implementation, processes automation, general purpose and platform agnostic application development for establishments or entities such as B2B, B2C, C2C, B2G, G2G.

Revenue Collection Solution

Maxfront offers unparalleled revenue collection solution that is flexible and thorough. We pride ourselves in providing seamless and secure solutions that cater for payment of licenses, permits, and workflow system relating to Consumption Tax, Property-related taxes, Natural resource taxes, and licenses.
We prioritize our data-protection policy which equals international standards and develop bespoke software platforms that cater for the public and private sector with inbuilt revenue split function. We believe in constant engagement, hence our real-time customer service process interactions are top-notch to best serve you.

POS Solution(Shop Keeper)

POS system is a two in one cloud based inventory system designed to handle basically the movement of stock of items between the suppliers of the items and at the point they are sold, or between production and sales departments. This will however, result in a consolidated report of the cost of all suppliers or production cost alongside with the profit or loss on sale of items.
The system operates in both as an “OFF-LINE” as well as an ``ON-LINE`` system. However, is primarily developed as a Cloud Based System with offline mode as an option for clients that do not want to incur additional internet cost. Regardless of the mode of operation, once a transaction occurs, the computer on receiving the right data will automatically update all the necessary files involved and also generate report on the day’s transaction in monetary value.

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